French Content Services

I offer a wide range of French content services to help you connect with your French audience. Your tone of voice and style will always be preserved. I craft well-written copy that resonates with French customers.

English to French creative translation

We have all heard stories of marketing translations gone terribly wrong. French is a complex and subtle language. As a native speaker, I understand the local culture and language - and can successfully adapt your marketing copy into French. I offer creative translation services to help your brand get its message across in a style and tone that are faithful to the source language copy.

Check out my work for TOUS Jewellery

French content creation

Are you a travel company or a fashion retailer? I can help you engage with potential customers at any stage of the purchase funnel with my French content creation services. Let's team up to put together fun city guides or informative blog posts on fashion trends and holiday destinations.

Check out my work for MoveHub

French product descriptions

Half of the French population shops online. Don’t miss out on this fruitful market. A study conducted by Common Sense Advisory revealed that 61% of French consumers only buy from websites where information is presented in their native language. Google Translate just won’t cut it! Let’s team up to write winning product descriptions tailored for the French market. At last count, there were 36 million French online shoppers! The higher the price the more they need information in their mother tongue. Whether your product descriptions tend to be more factual or aspirational, I will make sure the wording and measurement units make sense in your target market.

Check out my work for Tommy Hilfiger

French SEO copywriting

Are you on the lookout for a French Copywriter who can write top-notch content? Get in touch today! SEO copywriting isn't keyword stuffing. Although keywords matter, what matters the most is the quality and relevance of your content. I'll endeavour to use key phrases and terms when crafting original content for your brand or client. Readers can expect to find useful answers to their questions when they come across your content.

Check out my work for HouseTrip

French PPC ad copy

So you’ve decided to venture in the competitive arena of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Contact me to discuss your French PPC ad copy needs. I can work from your master file to adapt your ads from English to French. I am familiar with Google AdWords length requirements and will follow their rules down to a tee. I’ve done it before and your ad copy will catch the attention of French online users.

Check out my work for PetsPyjamas

French social media copywriting

Need snappy copy for social media? Please get in touch whether you need someone to translate existing copy or craft original messages for your French followers. I can help you write social media updates for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bear in mind that French text tends to be 15% to 20% longer than English text [source:]. This is why you need a skilled copywriter with a dash of creativity who can write top notch content in 140 characters!

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Content Management

Save yourself the trouble of uploading content to your site. I am a seasoned Digital Content Coordinator with 6 years’ experience managing website content for local and international companies.

CMS Content Integration

Let me manage your content administration. My content management services include CMS content integration and localisation coordination. Do you use WordPress, Drupal or Magento? I have plenty of experience using these CMS. I can also assist you if you are using a bespoke CMS. I have worked with various in-house systems and can help you amend your website structure (new pages, menus, categories, etc.) Is your website multilingual? I can also help you upload content to your site in various languages. I’ve done it for prestigious companies such as Veolia Environment and Story Worldwide.

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4 reasons to hire my services

I have solid experience in both content management and French content creation.

I am a seasoned CMS content manager familiar with WordPress, Drupal and plenty other bespoke CMS.

My services include proofreading and a complimentary revision of the copy.

I’m just around the corner! I’m based in south east London and will be happy to meet you to discuss your project.

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