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Portfolio: brand tagline transcreation for a coconut water brand

The coconut water craze shows no signs of dying down. In the UK alone, this market has so far generated over £100 million in sales. According to this cool infographic from The Grocer, most of the coconut water is produced in the five following countries: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Brazil.

Where does my sudden interest in coconut water come from? Last autumn, I had the opportunity to work on a transcreation and creative editing project for a Brazilian company. This South American brand is making a foray in Europe with the launch of a multilingual corporate site. This was my first time working on a FMCG account.

Services offered:

  • Brand tagline transcreation
  • Creative editing of the website content

The client

Obrigado is a coconut water drink hailing from Bahia, in sunny Brazil. The brand prides itself in producing coconut water as pure and fresh as if you were drinking it directly from a coconut. As the company enters the European market, it has launched an international site available in several languages, one of which being French.

The project 

This two-fold project started off with the transcreation of the brand tagline into French. I chose to adapt the tagline ‘true coconut water’ into ‘l’authentique eau de coco’ as I feel it conveys what the brand is all about while staying close to the meaning of the source copy.

Then came the second phase of the project – the creative editing of the French website content. I reviewed and tweaked the French copy to ensure it was in line with the ethos of Obrigado and relevant to the French market.


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