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Mother’s Day in France: 12 stats and trends you need to know

Mother’s Day is around the corner! In case you are wondering why on Earth I am blogging about this major event in May, rest assured I didn’t miss the memo. On Saturday 6th March 2016, millions of Britons showered their beloved mum with gifts. Did you know that the French celebrate Mother’s Day (Fête des mères) on the last Sunday of May? In 2015 they spent a whopping 1.9 billion euros on gifts! Find out more about this special occasion and its importance in French culture.

12 eCommerce stats & trends about Mother’s Day in France

  • Mother's Day gift idea, a mother-daughter day at the spaIn 2015, Mother’s Day sales generated a revenue of €1.9 billion.
  • The average order value (AOV) was of €60.
  • 84.5% of French intended on gifting their mother with a present for Mother’s Day.
  • 43% of French people waited until the last two days to buy a gift.
  • Florists make 10% to 15% of their annual revenue with Mother’s Day sales.
  • 13% of flower bouquets sold were ordered from a smartphone or tablet.
  • 1 in 5 Mother’s Day orders was placed from a mobile device.
  • 1 bouquet was delivered every 4 seconds for Mother’s Day in 2015.
  • In 2014, there was a 650% uplift in online sales two days before Mother’s Day.
  • 18% of online orders placed on the eve of Mother’s Day came from mobile devices.
  • What presents do the French buy for Mother’s Day: flowers (56.2%), cosmetics and fragrances (39.4%), restaurant (27.2%), chocolates and sweets (23.4%), jewellery (21.9%).
  • What French mums really want for Mother’s Day: cosmetics and fragrances (36.7%), flowers (26.2%), jewellery (23.7%), restaurant (22.8%) and gift vouchers (21%).

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When is Mother’s Day in France?

Doing business in French-speaking markets? You might want to save these dates!

Country When? 2016 Date
France Last Sunday of May 29th May 2016
Canada (Québec) Second Sunday of May 8th May 2016
Belgium Second Sunday of May 8th May 2016
Switzerland Second Sunday of May 8th May 2016

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated on different dates in France and the UK?

In the UK, Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is rooted in Christian culture while on the other side of the Channel, this celebration was born out of political propaganda in Vichy France. Mothering Sunday falls three weeks before Easter and used to be spent at one’s mother church. With time it lost its religious dimension to become a secular and commercial event. Mother’s Day – Fête des Mères in French – officially entered our calendar in May 1950. Marshal Pétain used it as a tool to promote the values of ‘work, family and fatherland’ to support his political agenda and vision for France.

French coffee brand Café Grand'Mère and Grandmother's Day celebration

In France we owe Grandmother’s Day to coffee brand Café Grand’Mère who kicked off the tradition in 1987.

Grandmother’s Day, a popular commercial holiday

Have you heard about Grandmother’s Day? This popular event is a commercial holiday created in 1987 by a coffee brand called Café Grand’Mère. The brand was celebrating its 20th anniversary when its brilliant marketing team came up with this idea. Despite its commercial origins, Grandmother’s Day has won the heart of the nation as French grew more fond of this new tradition. 79% of French intended on wishing their nan a happy Grandmother’s Day in 2015. Of which, 63% were planning on buying their nan a gift. It has become a key date for florists as flowers and plants are the go-to gifts for the occasion.

This year, the UK Mother’s Day coincided with the French Grandmother’s Day as celebrations went under way on Sunday 6th March 2016.


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