Fashion Transcreation: Translating Product Descriptions for Tommy Hilfiger

I was recently commissioned on a fashion transcreation project for an iconic fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger. The job entailed translating product descriptions from English to French for their childrenswear range. Scroll down to take a peek at my translations. 

It was fun and challenging working on this fashion transcreation project. I don’t have any fashion training so I did a lot of research in both languages to familiarise myself with the fashion lingo. During my research, I came across a useful resource that will come in handy to fellow fashion transcreators: Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary by Alex Newman with illustrations by Zakee Shariff. Its small size allows you to carry it around in your handbag – which is great if you’re often on the go!

Tommy Hilfiger featured a few products in a recent newsletter. I worked on the French product descriptions of the Anderson shirt, the Nadine dress, the Denver parka and the Charlie bomber jacket (see below).Toddlers wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothing

Children wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothing

KB0KB00215_Enfants_Anderson Chemise ImpriméKL0KL00073_Enfants_Nadine-Mini-Robe-À-Pois

KB0KB00289_Enfants_Denver_Parka KG0KG01121_Enfants_Charlie_Blouson_Bomber

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