Reversible Delphie bag by Mulberry

Fashion transcreation: brand language and tone of voice

Capturing the essence of a brand is paramount to the successful adaptation of marketing copy from one language to another. Different brands, different voices! It is crucial for any freelance translator to understand who your customers are. Knowing what your target audience is like will help both copywriters and translators use the appropriate tone of voice and language.

As a copywriter, my job is to grasp what the ethos of your brand is and to faithfully render your style into French. It is important to master the subtleties of language registers. This is why I chose two brands at different ends of the spectrum to show you how I would transcreate totally different editorial styles.

Brand #1: The heritage brand

Established in the seventies, Mulberry is a British heritage luxury brand known for its high quality leather goods.

Source language:

The Delphie.

The modern on-the-go woman needs more from her handbag than ever before. Mulberry's heritage is to create bags that are practical as well as beautiful, and for Spring Summer 2015 we introduce the new two-in-one Delphie! Named after the delphinium flower, a key inspiration for the Spring Summer 2015 season, the Delphie bag is a perfectly practical and elegant piece with a shoulder strap in either leather or a new flat chain design. An amusing (and extremely useful) function of the Delphie bag is that it can be flipped over... revealing a contrasting leather and colour for a totally different look. The lock used for the Delphie family was inspired by a circular push-lock on a vintage Mulberry bag and makes the reversible function simple to use.

Target language: 

Le Delphie.

La femme moderne et active a plus que jamais besoin de son sac à main. La tradition Mulberry repose sur la création de sacs qui sont à la fois pratiques et de toute beauté. À l'occasion de la saison Printemps-Été 2015, nous vous présentons le nouveau deux en un : le Delphie ! Baptisé d’après la fleur delphinium, une source d’inspiration importante pour la saison Printemps-Été 2015, le sac Delphie est une pièce résolument pratique et élégante dotée d’une bandoulière en cuir ou de notre nouvelle bandoulière à chaîne fine. Une caractéristique amusante (et extrêmement pratique) du sac Delphie est qu’il est réversible… révélant une couleur et un cuir contrastants pour un look complètement différent. La fermeture utilisée pour les sacs de la famille Delphie s’inspire d’un bouton-pression rond d’un sac vintage Mulberry qui facilite la réversibilité du sac.

Missguided UK Wardrobe Staples: Leggings

Brand #2: The new kid on the block

Missguided is a pure player specialising in trendy fast fashion at affordable prices. This fairly young eCommerce company was founded in 2009.

Source language: 

The basic legging.

Everyone needs a pair of bum-huggin' leggings in their style repertoire. Add an edge with a slashed knee pair and go crazy with layering from tees, shirts, jumpers and a sleeveless biker, to dresses and split side tunics - they will be the most versatile piece you invest in. Shop All Basics.

Target language:

 L'indispensable legging.

Tout le monde a besoin d'un legging bien moulant dans sa garde-robe. Apportez-y une touche rebelle avec un effet déchiré aux genoux  et lâchez-vous en juxtaposant les couches en passant par t-shirts, chemises, pulls et une veste de motard sans manches aux robes et tuniques fendues sur les côtés. Le legging est la pièce la plus versatile dans laquelle vous investirez. Achetez nos basiques.

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