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Top notch product descriptions are vital to any online shop. I would recommend not to use the manufacturer’s product descriptions if you sell the same products as your competition because they are likely to use them too. You don’t want to end up with duplicate content! This is when hiring a native French copywriter comes in handy. A copywriter will write unique French product descriptions that are true to the style and tone of your brand. In this blog post, I have set out to transcreate a French product description for jewellery brand Monica Vinader’s Havana Friendship Bracelet.


Source language:

Havana Friendship Bracelet

Cornflower Blue for Wisdom. This simple yet gorgeous friendship bracelet features a lightly hammered rectangle with a wavy, reflective finish. The bar measures 45mm x 7.5mm and a toggle slides to easily adjust the cord’s length for a snug fit. Personalise with engraving on the front and back of the bar, and on the toggle. Layer up with your favourite MV bracelets.

Target language:

Bracelet d’amitié Havane

Bleu bleuet pour la sagesse. Ce simple mais splendide bracelet de l’amitié est doté d’une plaque rectangulaire légèrement martelée avec un fini ondulé et réfléchissant. La plaque mesure 45 mm x 7,5 mm et le fermoir coulisse en toute simplicité afin d’ajuster la longueur du cordon pour un port comfortable. Personalisez les côtés pile et face de la plaque ainsi que le fermoir avec une gravure. Portez avec vos bracelets MV préférés.

Although I chose to translate ‘friendship bracelet’ into ‘bracelet d’amitié‘ or ‘bracelet de l’amitié‘, I could have used another term. In French, ‘bracelet brésilien‘ – which means ‘Brasilian bracelet’ – is a very popular alternative term for friendship bracelet.

It is believed that friendship bracelets originate from ancient Maya culture in South America. These colourful bracelets with intricate designs are made from skillfully hand-woven threads. Folklore has it that you must make a wish when a friend ties a friendship bracelet around your wrist. Your wish is granted at the moment when the bracelet eventually breaks and falls off by itself due to wear and tear.

I would however recommend to stick to ‘friendship bracelet’ or ‘bracelet d’amitié‘ for SEO purposes in both languages.

Decimal mark: comma or point?

  • In France, the comma is used to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number (e.g. 7,5 mm).
  • In both British and American English, the point is used as decimal mark (e.g. 7.5 mm) while the comma is used as the thousands separator (e.g. £1,735.45).

Unit of measurement: space or no space?

  • In French, symbols of units of measurement are preceded by a space (e.g. 45 mm, 15,5 km, 90 kg).

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