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I have been commissioned to write a moving guide to London for future French expats. MoveHub, the client, is an international relocation company. They cater for customers from all over the world.

Harnessing multilingual content marketing to raise your profile

Always make sure you produce content that answers your customers’ questions. Your content needs to be useful. If it is engaging and informative, readers are likely to come back. They will get accustomed to your brand and services along the way.

Preparing a move is a strenuous process, especially if it’s a family move! This gives you room to reach out to potential customers at different stages of their expatriation journey. They will need your expertise and insights whether they are at the research or planning stage.

Moving abroad is a tough decision and involves a lot of research. Researching information about your host country in a foreign language can be quite daunting. This is where your brand comes in. Are you operating at a specific stage of an expatriate’s life? It is important to publish content in your customers’ native language. Brands that fully harness multilingual content marketing will successfully drive international traffic to their site.

Original content written by a French copywriter A guide to moving from France to London in French

Hiring a native French Copywriter will make your brand sound local. Be relevant to your readers’ interests. The client needed a French speaker to write this expat guide to London. They needed an expat as they understood the importance of having someone who could relate to what the readers would go through.

Being an expat helped me write this 1,500-word guide. Hiring a specialist in a given subject area will help you come up with top-notch content.

In this case, translation wouldn’t do the trick. The client needed a guide tailored for French readers. When commissioning multilingual content, make sure the freelance copywriter is a native speaker or has lived a considerable amount of time in the target country. Understanding the local culture is key to a successful piece of content.

If you hire an agency, make it clear you want your content to be written by a French copywriter. Don’t forget to request meta description and short description elements for your snippets and social posts.

Read the case study and the client’s testimonial:

Mayda did excellent job, she was very prompt and professional and she did even more than it was asked which is great! Definitely will work with her again. (5 stars on PeoplePerHour)

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