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Portfolio: series of articles on working abroad as an au pair

A few years ago, I wrote a series of articles for Studyrama and its French, Belgian and Swiss sites about working as an au pair.

The Studyrama group edits several websites and publications aimed at French-speaking students and their parents. Their content aims at helping them pick a course or degree, and reach their career goals.

I wrote four original content pieces for them back in 2007. I used a light, educational and inspiring tone of voice to cater for their young audience. My articles went on to be featured on the group’s international sites in France, Belgium and Switzerland. These articles also made it in StudyraMAG – their free magazine distributed at French high schools and universities.

Studying or working abroad is an exciting and eye-opening opportunity. What options do you have when you’re a teenager who is still in education and who has no professional experience whatsoever? Working as an au pair offers an opportunity for young people to temporarily move abroad where they can discover a new culture and get their first work experience. Researching, applying and organising this trip can be a daunting experience -in particular when you don’t speak the language.

I ended up delivering a series of four articles. Each article targets readers at a different stage of their thought process, from the research stage to the planification of their au pair work experience.

Writing a useful guide for prospective au pairs

First things first! The first content piece explores what working as an au pair is all about. I provided young readers with basic information about what it entails. I introduced the concept of cultural shock while explaining the requirements and expectations in an engaging manner.

The second article in the series is for those who already know a bit about the subject. I gave teenagers practical information to help them get their project underway, including tips, advice and precious contact details.

The third content piece is aimed at those who like to have all the information at hand. This factsheet sums up all they need to know. It is more factual and straight to the point. It is a useful checklist that also answers many questions that readers have at the research stage.

Last but not least, the last article in the series deals with insurance cover. Anything can happen and it is best to be insured when abroad on a gap year, on au pair contract or at uni.

French content services delivered by a native speaker and expat

As an expat, I can help you write engaging content tailored for students and young professionals. Together we can craft original and practical content to prospective expats in their language. They might move abroad next week or next year. However one thing is sure, they will know your business is around to assist them when the time is right. Please get in touch if you are interested in my French content services. I can write tailored blog posts, articles or guides in French about expatriation, gap year, renting abroad, etc.

Read on my series of online articles in French for Studyrama:
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