3 Brilliant Travel Content Marketing Examples

Depending on the budget and resources at your disposal, your travel brand can produce different kinds of content marketing pieces.

Are you on a low budget? Have a look at Skyscanner's great infographic. If you have a decent budget but don't have in-house content writers, follow HouseTrip's lead. Call in travel bloggers to write for your brand. For brands who can blow the budget, why don't you publish your own magazine? Have a flick through Air France's lifestyle magazine.

1. Skyscanner.fr

Hand Baggage Size & Weight Guide

In March 2014, Skyscanner.fr published an infographic comparing the size and weight restrictions imposed by major European airlines on cabin luggage.

What I like

  • It's very visual and practical. I'd print it and keep it close by to use it whenever I have to fly with one of those companies.
  • Skyscanner has adapted its content in different languages. This size and weight guide can also be found in English, Spanish, etc.

Skyscanner just proved how easy content marketing could be. You don't need to have a huge budget to come up with an idea as simple and useful as this one. This infographic can easily be designed and then translated by an agency or freelance translator.

2. HouseTrip.fr

Pet Travel Guide

In March 2014, HouseTrip published a 12-page pet travel guide for French holidaymakers. It's a great content marketing idea in which the brand has involved French-speaking travel bloggers.

What I like

  • The guide is informative. Travel bloggers plugged in to give useful recommendations, tips and advice.

  • HouseTrip have included links to the contributors' blogs. I recently attended a General Assembly workshop on how to monetise online content. There I learned from travel blogger Julie Falconer that it's a great way for brands to get contributors to co-promote their content. It also ensures your content will be shared to a wider audience.

  • The pet travel guide is easy to share. See it for yourself, I just had to embed it in my post.

  • The guide is not a standalone stunt. It is part of the brand's multilingual content strategy. It's also available in English and German.

3. Air France

Madame Magazine

Air France edits a monthly bilingual magazine called 'Madame'. It is available in planes as well as online.

What I like

  • The magazine's great visuals. It's a subtle blend between gorgeous travel photos and a high fashion magazine.
  • Its 100-page+ format is ideal for long flights. You can flick through the pages and read whatever you fancy.
  • The magazine highlights cultural activities to do in different destinations. It might be the city you're heading to or another destination you haven't even considered yet.

Eurostar edits a magazine that works pretty much like Air France's with each page in two languages.This kind of content marketing exercise is better suited to companies with big budgets and resources. You need to have a dedicated team to work on this kind of project.

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